Ireland, Mexico and the United States

The importance of Ireland It is essential because it is in this country where the origin of Halloween is located; And it is that it is a festival of Celtic origin in which the end of summer, the harvest and the beginning of the new Celtic year were celebrated; If these do not seem like reasons of sufficient weight, here is one more: that of Londonderry (Northern Ireland town also known as Derry) happens to be the biggest Halloween party in Europe, a party that will be held from October 29 to 31 under the slogan ‘The awakening of the walled city’.

As if Halloween in Derry were unspectacular, on this occasion and for the first time since it began to be celebrated, the party will cross the borders of the city and reach neighboring towns, in other words, in 2021 the spirits of Samhain not only they will wander through the streets of the walled city of Derry but also through other neighboring towns … It is a historical Halloween celebration not so much because of its own history, this is its 35th edition, but because of its origin: it began to be celebrated in souvenir of Samhain, a Celtic holiday over 2000 years old that celebrates the Celtic New Year but What is the relationship between the Celtic New Year, which begins on November 1, and the terror of Halloween? According to the Samhain tradition, the deceased return to earth when the new year begins …

Derry Halloween
Derry Halloween | Image courtesy of Irish Tourism

From Ireland we jump the puddle, logically, to USA because it is true that the one who made the Halloween party internationally popular was this country, how? Hollywood had something to do with it … In any case, there are two places that we can consider the epicenter of Halloween in the United States, one is Salem for the famous cases of its witches and the other is the Sleepy Hollow cemetery.Do you remember the legend of the horseman? without head?. They say Salem is the best place in America to celebrate Halloween Because there is the Haunted Happening Festival, a festival that currently lasts for weeks and that includes historical tours and a terrifying approach to the famous Salem trials.

Of course, as interesting as Salem is to celebrate Halloween, it is not possible to think of the United States and on this particular date and not remember the legend of Sleepy hollow, a Washintong Irving play made into a movie by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp; but the author is also buried in the Sleepy Hollow cemetery and as if this were not enough there is a curious exhibition of carved and illuminated pumpkins that is quite … terrible.

Sleepy hollow
Sleepy Hollow | Pixabay

We are going to Mexico and somehow break with the Halloween tradition because just as American Halloween is closely linked to the Irish (from there it came on the Mayflower and on the ships that came later …) in Mexico they knew nothing of the end of the Celtic summer or anything like that when they celebrated, and still celebrate today, the day of the Dead. All of Mexico is a fantastic destination to discover a day of the dead that you have undoubtedly known thanks to the delicious movie Coco … but there are Mexican towns especially recommended for the spectacularity of their celebrations: Oaxaca is one of them but also Guadalajara and, of course, the capital, Mexico City.

Of course, that these three countries seem like fantastic destinations for Halloween does not mean that others are not, how can we deny that importance to places like Dracula’s Romanian Transylvania or even to many Spanish towns where the tradition of the Day of the Dead goes further? of the visit to the cemetery on November 1?

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