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Griezmann’s eSports club announces his dismissal


Grizi eSports, is the club created by Antoine Griezmann And his brother The O. The club was founded in early 2020 and after more than a year in the sector, announces its absolute closure. This news was communicated through the club’s social networks, in which they allude to a negative context in the sector and the end of numerous sponsorship contracts.

After this measure, all the players and those involved in the club, remain released of their activities and become free agents for other organizations. It is expected that soon, the future of them will be known.

The goodbye of Grizi eSports

In said statement, the club conveyed that it was a sad day for them, as they announce the cessation temporary of all activities with e-sports. Later, they reveal that the situation affecting the sector is not very positive and that the end of numerous sponsorships led to this decision. However, this act will serve to give a Step back and review the failures they have had in their little short life.

Especially, it seems that the COVID-19 it was one of the reasons why the club lost financial assets. During the last year, the club designed several important events to enhance the brand, but that due to the obviousness of the health security of the pandemic, they could not be carried out. The statement closes giving the Thank you to all the participants who have led them here and a see you soon, which is not until forever.

Grizi eSports was mainly focused on Theo passion, that is, Rainbow Six: Siege. The shooter from Ubisoft He had a special attachment to him and that we could see transferred in Griezmann, along with his interest in esports. Although this, it was not the only video game that they participated, since they were also involved in: FIFA, Fortnite and Hearthstone.

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