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George Clooney’s 60th birthday, the same day as Archie the baby Sussex!

On the occasion of George Clooney’s 60th birthday, we remember when he refused to be Archie’s godfather (with whom, curiously, he shares the same birthday, May 6).

The May 6th there is not only celebration among royals -and well, ex-royals— for Archie’s birthday (who is two years old); but Hollywood celebrates its heartthrob par excellence, George Clooney. And this year it is not for less, because the actor reaches the sixth floor: 60 years.

Happy 60th birthday, George Clooney!

The last thing we saw of Clooney in the movie industry was Midnight Sky, production released in 2020 and starring him, Felicity Jones and the mexican Demián Bichir. One more ace up the sleeve of the leading man of the cinema.

But it was years ago when he gave us moments of doubt and confusion, all around the little one with whom he shares his birth day, Archie, Meghan and Harry’s son. And because? Because it was not known if the actor would be godfather of this little royal-not-so-royal.

When we question whether George Clooney would be one of the godparents of Harry and Meghan’s son

George and his current partner, Amal Clooney, They became friends with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after Meghan Markle moved to England and turned to the stylish lawyer for recommendations on the best hair salons.

The good chemistry between them earned the couple an invitation to the royal media link in May 2018, as well as the banquet after the official reception of a more familiar nature.

And it was during the Sussexes’ brief honeymoon at their Lake Como mansion that rumors spread of George Clooney being the godfather of their first child. But the Hollywood star took it upon himself to rule out that possibility, claiming that “no sane person would want to entrust him with such a responsibility in the education of his child.”

“It would be a very bad idea because I would not be good at it. I have twins and I can hardly handle them [quienes tienen cuatro años los mantiene fuera del foco mediático]. I’m not going to be the best man. I promise you, I am very sure. This was stated in his passage through the program Jimmy Kimmel.

Harry and Meghan, George Clooney and Amal: the confident couples in Hollywood

When Archie was born, Clooney joked that he would ‘take away all the attention’ for being born the same day as him. But these two couples have great affection for each other – and the bond may grow now that the Sussexes are not leaving California.

The veteran actor did not hold back from the public attacks that Meghan Markle received at the time. And he declared long ago: «[Los medios] They are constantly chasing her, they do nothing but harass her. She is a seven-month pregnant woman and has suffered the same persecution as Diana before her, and we are facing the same story repeating itself. And we have already seen how it ends.

George Clooney feared his friend Meghan would end up as Lady Di, referencing the deadly car accident that claimed the lives of the mother of Princes William and Harry, according to agencies.

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