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Fortnite: Fortnite will have its own movie! Epic Games expands to other areas of entertainment

TWe all knew that eventually we would get here: the company that gives itself the freedom to give away one game per week, which unifies in one place the heroes of the two great comic houses along with the heroes of Star Wars and personalities such as Ariana Grande and Neymar Jr., which sells you items that you cannot use in real life and generates so much money that you don’t know where to put it he’s about to crown his goose that lays the golden eggs with a movie.

According to the medium The Information, Epic Games is planning to expand into more diverse areas of entertainment, and stop concentrating solely on video games. This means that you will begin to invest your money and creativity in television and, of course, the cinema. AND if you’re going to make a movie, why not make it your star game?

Video games turn to the cinema

It is a very curious trend: although today video games already generate much more money than movies, more and more video game developers try to enter the recently salvageable world of film adaptations.

The dark days of movies Mario, Street Fighter and House of the Dead were left behind, and now thanks to Detective Pikachu, Sonic and Mortal Kombat, We may be entering a golden age for video game movies, just as we were for superhero movies. So we have great promises like the new animated Mario movie and that genetic experiment of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

At the beginning of the year it was reported that three former Lucasfilm employees had joined the Epic Games team, including the current president of special projects, Jason mcgatlin, and who was previously President of Physical Production at Lucasfilm. The other two are Lynn Bartsch and Chris Fury, all of them involved with the latest trilogy of Disney Star Wars… yeah, it’s not the best resume, but it’s something.

What will the Fortnite movie be about?

This is a curious question, because at the same time It is too early to ask, that is a question that only someone who does not know the game would have. And in fact, most of the video game outlets complain because they think there is no plot in the game. Because they are thinking only of the battle royale.

But we know that the battle royale itself is just the excuse for bigger events, and that with each season and each character included they expand. It would not even be necessary for Epic to resort to their collaborations (which would not look bad either), with the Imagined Order, The Foundation, Kevin the Cube, The 7 and The Sisters we have enough to develop a plot.

For now, there are only two enormous doubts that the community is waiting for an answer: Will it be animated or live-action? And when would it come out?



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