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Fornite: how to level up fast in season 8

Fornite: Season 8. (Photo: GamerFocus)
Fornite: Season 8. (Photo: GamerFocus)

As expected, Fortnite Battle Royale started the Season 8: Cubic with many changes. One of the most uncomfortable, since now it is much more difficult to level up, so here we are going to help you so that you can be the best among your friends.


Fornite: punch cards.  (photo: Vandal)
Fornite: punch cards. (photo: Vandal)

To level up quickly from the beginning, First complete the punch card missions. There are currently 15 sets of missions. Each of the original mission packs has 80,000 XP seasonal for a total of 1,200,000 XP. Later added mission packs (Shadow Fable and Devourer for now) are worth each 150,000 XP.

The big problem is that while they can be replayed, if you complete them for the first time, You will only get XP under certain conditions. So this is just a system to get up to the beginning. If you try to complete them, they give a maximum of 700 XP for legendary missions and less for those of lesser rarity.


Fornite: daily and weekly.  (photo: Vandal)
Fornite: daily and weekly. (photo: Vandal)

Fortnite changed the reward system at the beginning of Season 8. Currently, the daily and weekly rewards are as follows:

– Daily missions: 90,000 Season XP (30,000 XP per mission).

– Weekly missions: 150,000 Season XP (50,000 XP per mission).

Keep in mind that you can only complete 3 ‘daily missions’ per day and 3 ‘weekly’ per week.


Fornite: creative mode.  (photo: Vandal)
Fornite: creative mode. (photo: Vandal)

The big problem arises when completing all the Perforated cards: no more repeatable or multiphase missions like last season like dealing damage with submachine guns, burning structures, blackmailing opponents, etc. At this point, you should include the ‘creative mode’ in your game routine to level up.

In creative mode, earn XP without literally doing anything. All you have to do is stay away from any cracks when starting creative mode. Earn 25,200 Season XP every 15 minutes, up to a maximum of 126,000 XP per day.

It should be noted that you will not be expelled for being absent and leaving your character there, which means you can safely spend 75 minutes in creative mode if no problem.


If you have been playing for the past few seasons, you may have gotten used to leveling up game routines that no longer work. Some of the most common are the following:

– Play cheats: the amount of XP earned by completing and winning games has been significantly reduced, it is no longer particularly profitable.

Complete missions in Team Rumble– Now you have your own missions that only deliver gold bars. As a result, you will no longer be able to complete missions in this mode as character missions will not be displayed.

– Burn structures, break trees, shoot headshots, among others: In the past seasons there have been many actions that could give you 12,000 XP for each number of repetitions achieved. However, there are no such missions anymore, so you only get the normal XP per action (150 for kills, 100 for opening ammo boxes, or 135 for chests)

– Complete legendary missions: Legendary Missions currently earn 20,000 Season XP the first time you complete them only, as part of Punch Card Missions. There are no legendary quest chains like the previous season.


Fortnite is an online shooter game (called shooter game) in third person (that is, you can see your character as he moves). It has two game modes:

– Save the world: It is an open world that can be played alone or online with friends, and it is cooperative. The game consists of fighting against waves of enemies controlled by an artificial intelligence called Husks. The player can be on a team with three other players or only with a bot team, or even disable bots for a completely solo experience.

– Battle Royale: It is the gameplay that causes a sensation among teenagers. It is a competitive mode where the player is part of a team of four people (known or unknown) who must try to survive. Players will parachute to an island that has 96 other players of different levels who must complete missions and eliminate enemies to be the last survivor. They must also avoid storms that reduce their room for maneuver and damage them. To do this and defend yourself, they can build structures of various materials. There is also the individual, duet, trio and even competitive mode.


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