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Find the 7 differences between Kristen Stewart’s movie poster and … Jennifer Lawrence’s gag

The story of Diana of Wales has been turned into a movie, a biopic starring Kristen Stewart (31) that, as your predictions meet, will give you the first statuette of your career. Well, this is another story and not the one that interests us right now. The novelty (and laughter) is the tape poster, which is nailed to the photo of Jennifer Lawrence when she fell at the 2013 Oscars gala.

What we are telling you is real, and the best thing is that it has been the fans who have noticed: there is a lot of similarity between the ‘Spencer’ poster and Jennifer’s stumble when she was awarded the Oscar for Best Actress. It was 2013, and we don’t know if you remember the moment in detail, but the actress fell when she was trying to get on stage to collect the award. She stepped on her own dress and catapumba!

The photos of it are very similar to the poster of the film about the life of Diana of Wales. Kristen appears in a white ball gown and is also bent over. The only thing, which is not because it has fallen. It gives the feeling that he is crying or something like that. OK OK. Talk no more, here is the poster.

How about? The same you do not remember Jennifer’s photo and you need us to refresh your memory. It was a tough moment for the actress, which also gave way to many memes and parodies. “I was very, very nervous, but I was ready. All the adrenaline wears off and they call me by my name and I’m elated and in shock. And then I fell down and erased everything from my mind. My brain went blank,” she said the actress years later.

You look for the differences, because the only thing we can find are similarities. The poster for ‘Spencer’ is very, very similar to this moment. Chance or the typical marketing strategy, it is not known.

Pablo Larrain He is the director of the film, and at the moment neither he nor the production company have spoken about it. Neither does Kristen, and she is in charge of giving life to Lady Di.

Kristen’s look on the poster is reminiscent of the one Lady Di wore at an event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It took place in 1989, during the first solo tour of the village princess. This Diana dress did not go unnoticed. Both those attending the gala and the media in general were impressed with the color chosen by the princess. Most used to go to these types of parties in black dresses, and everyone was very shocked to see Diana arrive dressed in white.

‘Spencer will hit theaters as early as next month November. Steven Knight, the creator of the series ‘Peaky Blinders’, is the author of the script. The film focuses primarily on Lady Di’s doubts and dilemmas about her place in the British royal family. I want to see her …

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