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Could add motley animals and saddle

Fortnite is one of the most complete battle royales to date, as it is a game with a somewhat fanciful theme, it opens up the possibility of all kinds of actions and realities within the game. Still, it appears that the Fortnite developer, Epic games, you still have a few things to add to the game to make it more amazing.

A new leak could be revealing one of the next additions that Epic games could bring Fortnite, mountable animals. According to a recent leak by a well-known Fortnite content leaker, one of the in-game files seems to open up the possibility upon the arrival of a “saddle”.

Only by the name of the object we can know what it is, although we are not sure if it really is a chair with which players can ride animals such as wild boars and velociraptors or is an accessory for a vehicle. Recall that Epic tends to troll fans with the arrival of somewhat crazy accessories in Fortnite.

This new saddle will be of great help in case you get to Fortnite. At the moment we do not know anything about how it could work or how we can get it on the island. The best thing is that upon reaching the island, players will be able to use the annoying kidnappers to move around.

For now, it remains to wait for Epic games to know if they have something to say or show about these new chairs, hopefully very soon, players have already been waiting for such an accessory to be able to have fun with a herd of raptors or wild boars around the island as if they were cowboys from the old west .

In addition to what is already known, Hypex has recently revealed information about the animals that we can ride and how the possible theme will work once we are on top of them. Here we leave you the tweet shared by Hypex so that you understand a little of what we are talking about in case you still do not understand much.

Anyway, now we just have to wait a bit until we see the arrival of the chair and the mountable animals to the game, hopefully the hype that is causing the arrival of either of these two is worth it. Season 8 has begun and while it has disappointed so far, let’s hope the arrival of new accessories will change the perspective.



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