Consumer criticism of Kylie Jenner’s bikini brand for the low quality of the garments

The bikinis of the brand of the model and influencer Kylie Jenner have been the subject of criticism on social networks. The American continues to expand her empire and last August launched her own swimwear brand, Kylie Swim. However, the quality of the garments has been widely criticized by buyers.

The garments of the collection taken by Kylie Jenner oscillate between 45 and 85 dollarssy, according to the website itself, they are available in a wide variety of models and sizes. Many of the model’s followers began to buy the clothes.

Jenner herself has worn the clothes she sells through her brand on her social networks, but buyers have criticized above all the poor quality of the fabrics. In some videos on TikTok, users show how the bikinis are almost transparent so they cannot put them on and also criticize that the sarongs are made of fabrics too heavy. In addition, others have shown seams, loose threads and frayed garments.

Some of the comments ugly to the businesswoman what they consider excessive photoshop, as well as that despite her money she does not invest more in making quality swimsuits. Kylie Jenner was named in 2020 the famous highest paid in the world by Forbes magazine, earning some $ 520 million a year.

For now, the brand continues with its normal activity and they have not spoken on the criticisms of some consumers.

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