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Coldplay and Selena Gomez sing together ‘Let Somebody Go’

before October 15

You still have to wait a few days to hear the collaboration between Coldplay and Selena Gomez, which will be released just a few days before ‘Music of the Spheres’ goes on sale on October 15.

If there is a group that has captured the attention of the media in recent months (aside from BTS), it has undoubtedly been Colplday. After a campaign full of mystery, where they had even invented an alien language to promote their new album, the wait will come to an end on October 15. Mark the date with a very striking color, because the 15th will go on sale Music of the Spheres.

It’s been two years since the album Everydat Life, which came out in November 2019, too long without the British band releasing new musical material. Although that is a half truth, because, luckily, in recent months we have been receiving advances and collaborations, such as the great song that is Higher Power and My universe, the song performed with the boys of Bts. And now it’s Selena Gomez the one who has confirmed join the band to sing Let somebody go, his new single.

As expected, fans have not been slow to flood the networks with expressions of support for this surprising collaboration. Of course, Chris martin he knows very well how to generate expectation among his followers.

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