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Ben Affleck confesses that playing Batman in ‘Justice League’ was “difficult”

Ben Affleck didn’t have a good time playing Batman, things as they are. Fans of DC, and of superhero movies in general, are quite demanding with the actors who play their favorite comic characters, and if for whatever reason it turns out that they completely fit the role, then that’s all lost for said artist. Although Christian Bale knew how to play Batman wonderfully, the same is not felt of Affleck, who did in the Zack Snyder film cycle, the Suicide Squad by David Ayer and, soon, I will do it in The Flash.

The feature film of Andy Muschietti to have Ezra Miller as the fastest man on Earth see the light in 2022, so there is still a bit left for us to see. However, from Variety (exclusively) we have anticipated something of the feature film thanks to a chat with Affleck. Specific, how the actor has felt after so long without dressing up as the Gotham bat.

“It was a really nice way to revisit that, since the previous experience had been difficult. I had a great time,” explains the actor who has to Lost (2014, David Fincher).

A bitter goodbye

And it is that unfortunately, in general lines, Affleck was quite crushed by his performance and never managed to convince the public. The pressure the actor had after seeing how his character was received in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice It wasn’t small and that probably affected how he got himself involved in later feature films.

It remains to be seen then how to be The Flash and see if the actor feels more comfortable. Remember that Matt Reeves is right now working on a new Batman feature film starring Robert Pattinson, who has picked up the baton from Affleck.


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