Ben Affleck boasts that he has perfected his Spanish thanks to Jennifer Lopez

“I am very proud of this movie because I think it is a very important story about an amazing woman. We are lucky to bring that story to the people, to the audience and I also have the opportunity to work with these two great writers and… it is very good ”, said Ben in Spanish during the interview he gave to the program. Wake up America.

Matt took the opportunity to play a joke on his colleague and say: “Especially me”, referring to the fact that Affleck I was lucky to work with him. However, the actor corrected him: “no, no, especially her (Nicole).”

Later, the boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez stated that both had the great fortune that Holofcener agree to work with them and carry out this project.

The film opens on October 14 in Mexico.

When asked about what most attracted him to the film, Ben affleck He commented: “I think it is obvious, the story of that woman is the most important, most incredible thing, and also the fact that nobody knows her, at least here in the United States; in France it is a little bit famous. We also had the opportunity to write a complicated story if you think that in the past men were the most important person and women were second, even third, and were only important if they needed them; then we discovered how we could (present) it and say oh no, maybe it’s a different story than that ”, he explained.

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