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Battle Hero, an exciting mix between Fornite and Brawl Starts with Play to Earn

Today we have a special announcement for an upcoming NFT game that promises equal parts profitability and fun. We talk about Ballte Hero, a mix between Fornite and Brawl Starts that will reward every minute that players spend in it. Battle Hero is developed by Be a lion, a group of Spanish developers and will be Free to Play, combined with Play to Earn. At the end of the post you have the dates and how to buy the $ BATH token, a golden opportunity to join the Battle Hero ecosystem right from the start, given that It will be launched next October 2021.

What does Battle Hero offer us?

NOTE: Nothing I comment on here is an investment recommendation, I simply share project information.

Battle Hero was first thought of as a free mobile project. With the rise of NFTs, the team wanted to give it a twist and adapt its game to blockchain technology and combine Free to Play with Play to Earn. Basically, we will be rewarded based on the time we dedicate to the game. The more hours we are enjoying Battle Hero, the more coins will be generated, always without losing the fun. It is a game to have fun and earn money as a plus, a game made by and for players.

Battle Hero will be playable on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Battle hero

$ BATH, Battle Hero, Be a Lion

Ways to play and earn money in Battle Hero

Battle heroBattle Hero will give us the possibility to enjoy the game in different ways. Either in a more active way playing every day and opting to be the best in tournaments, leagues, events … or simply putting stack our characters and visiting the game daily for rewards. Also, if what you prefer is speculation, open chests and look for the strongest and most valuable NFTs and then sell them in the Marketplace, it will be your option.

But the thing does not end here, by 2022 the guys from Be a Lion want to add a lot of new features to the game such as; Creation of your own Wallet, Maps made by the community, PvE mode and a long list of extras that you can review at the end of the post.

And how do you earn money playing? Good question, for that we have to $ BATH, the main token within the entire game which is deflationary. The entire economy, both In-Game and out of it, will always be with the $ BATH token. In addition, there is the PE token, an internal token. ThePE will not be listed on any exchange and its value will always be the same (It is a simile to the LE of PVU, so that you understand it better), it cannot be transferred from one account to another either.

The purpose of the PE is to be the exchange currency to obtain $ BATH within the exchange of the game itself. But not only that, the future of PE will be exciting, with it you can buy Skins, create your own BH clan and much more.

Enter the Whitelist of the Presale Now

$ BATH, Battle Hero, Be a Lion

Exchange rates

  • 5 XP will equal 1 BATH on the Battle Hero exchange. Or what is the same, 1PE = 0.2BATH
  • The exchange platform commissions 5% of the exchange.

Battle Hero will offer you a common chest for free

Battle Hero is developed with the Unity engine and its 3D technology has helped to achieve more than 5000 possible combinations between heroes, weapons and rarities. Not to mention more than 5 maps in the In-Game 3D game output, accompanied by 5 game modes; 1vs1, 5vs5, 10vs10 and a free-for-all of 10.

Any method of play or rather, any type of player is rewarded with tokens. Whether they are stacking players, 3D In-Game players, marketplace … or like the vast majority of our readers, playing all modes to maximize profits.

Battle Hero will offer you a common chest for free, which will give a hero and a random common weapon. Thus, those who do not have the capital to enter stronger, will be able to start their journey with Battle Hero for free.

Dates and how to buy the $ BATH token

Get on the Hype train!

To give everyone the opportunity to participate in the kick-off, they have divided the token distribution in 3 parts, where everyone can participate in either one or the other, forming a total of 12% of the total supply of the $ BATH token. Therefore 120,000,000 BATH will be put into circulation.

Remember that 25% of the purchase of BATH will be delivered monthly, in order to obtain a better economy of the token. That is, if you have purchased 1000 BATH, you will be given 250 in the purchase, 250 after 30 days, 250 after 60 days and finally 250 after 90 days. The minimum purchase will be 0.01 BNB

$ BATH, Battle Hero, Be a Lion


  • Private investment
  • AirDrop WhiteList ( – BATH 0.005USDTYou can now participate in the raffle here:
  • The exit ICO will be in ApeSwap (Dragonary style) – BATH 0.01USDT – It will simply be to access and make the purchase of the tokens you want.

Other Dates

  • 10/01/2021 – NFT LIMITED Pre-Sale of Heroes and Weapons
  • 10/02/2021 – NFT LIMITED Pre-Sale of Heroes and Weapons
  • 10/03/2021 – NFT LIMITED Pre-Sale of Heroes and Weapons
  • 10/13/2021 – List of winners of the draw for WhiteList
  • 10/15/2021 – Opening of AirDrop tokens for the winners. Time: 12:00:00 UTC
  • 10/19/2021 – Public ICO. Time: 12:00:00 UTC
  • 10/20/2021 – BATH token listing on exchange. Time: 12:00:00 UTC
  • 10/20/2021 – Opening of BattleHero to the public *
  • 10/20/2021 – Game v1 active (Stacking, Marketplace, Chest Purchase…). Time: 12:00:00 UTC

$ BATH, Battle Hero, Be a LionVery soon I will bring more information about Battle Hero, explaining in more detail the Chests, rarities of the heroes and weapons, as well as the fusions and other details. I also hope I can raffle some NFTs with readers, so it’s already taking time to follow us on the MMOinGame social networks to be on the lookout, in addition to entering the Battle Hero social networks, which you have detailed below.

Explanatory video and calculator

Our friend


Road map

Q4 2021

  • Fusions (rarity upgrades)
  • Integration with the Cardano and Polygon network
  • Battlehero In-Game 3D for all platforms with 1vs and 5v5 modes (close Beta)
  • Christmas special packs launches

Q1 2022

  • Creation of own Wallet
  • BattleHero In-Game 3D for all platforms with 1vs and 5v5 modes (open Beta)
  • First tournaments and leagues
  • Clan BH Scholarships
  • Skins In-Game

Q2 2022

  • New game modes such as 10vs10 or all against all
  • PvE
  • Extra special weapon attacks
  • Weapon + Hero Combos
  • Game modes on demand of users
  • Community Created Maps

Battle Hero Official Social Media



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