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Artist financed the studies of his 3 brothers with Warframe skins

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In 2015, Warframe, the popular free-to-play developed by Digital Extremes, kicked off the TennoGen community program, which allows 3D artists to submit their cosmetic item designs and have the opportunity to have them featured in the title. If the latter happens, they can earn 30% profit on each sale. Although it seems little, a young man managed to solve his financial problems by marketing his creations.

What happens is that Lendel “LED2012” Farjado ”, a young artist from the Philippines, found a gold mine in the program of Warframe. In a chat with the portal PCGamer, explained that he knew the Dota 2 skin market and how lucrative it can be, so he decided to learn 3D modeling to participate in TennoGen. Obviously, it was a long process that required a lot of effort, but luckily it was all worth it.

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Lendel Farjado earns 10 times more than his nurse mother

LED2012 was studying web design at university, but dropped out of school in the middle. So he learned 3D modeling in Blender through tutorials on the internet and lots of practice. However, his first attempts to join TennoGen were unsuccessful, so he had to hone his skills. Fortunately, in the second round of the program he did qualify.

Once he started making money, LED2012 invested it in upgrading his PC. However, little by little his work as a 3D skin artist for Warframe It would allow you to make important changes in the lives of your family members.

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To begin with, Lendel Farjado financed his sister’s university degree, as well as the school of his 2 younger brothers. In the same way, it is he who takes care of the electricity, water, internet and food costs of his house.

His income also allowed him to financially support the construction and remodeling of an apartment with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom in his parents’ home, where he lives with his 3 siblings. As if the above were not enough, he also buys food to support his neighbors, who are going through a difficult time due to the pandemic.

“I earn ten times more, sometimes even more, than my mother, who is a nurse, earns. They really don’t get paid enough because of how stressful and dangerous their job is! ”Explained Landel Farjado.

His success in selling skins is largely due to his collaborations with other highly talented users. For example, together with the 3D artist Daemonstar, he was able to create and present 3 new Syandanas (layers of the video game characters), which were a resounding success and generated a lot of money.

Image via PCGamer
Image via PCGamer

“Every time I see someone use my Syandanas, whether in the lobby or on a mission with them in a squad, there is a crazy happy feeling that reminds me of the first time I saw my first job in the game. And I am extremely grateful for their support, ”concluded the 3D artist.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Would you dare to participate with your own art? Let us read you in the comments.

Warframe is available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. On this page you can read the latest news related to this popular multiplayer title.

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