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Alex Rodriguez forgets JLo in his single life and remembers Cameron Diaz | Telemundo

It has been half a year since, on a Thursday in April in the early hours of the morning, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez They officially announced their separation through a statement released by ‘Today’.

To break your commitment to JLo, it has not been easy for A-Rod, who had been sharing a roof with the ‘Diva del Bronx’ and their children for some time. In addition, the ex-baseball player had to face the fact that a few days after his courtship with Lopez ended, she returned to the arms of Ben affleck, his old love.

After months of being silent or sending encrypted announcements, such as the time Alex was photographed with a red luxury car that he gave Jennifer for her 50th birthday, it seems that the sportscaster is finally ready to joke about his singleness.

This was revealed a day ago, when Rodriguez was broadcasting a game in the American League Series, together with his teammates. David Ortiz ‘Big Papi’, Kevin Burkhardt and Frank thomas, and it was discussed why Tampa Bay players ate popcorn, when shots were sneaked vintage by Alex Rodriguez.

In those images you could see A-Rod and Cameron Diaz together, and is that before going out and being a couple with Jennifer Lopez, Alex managed to conquer the leading actress of several films, including ‘The Mask’, with Jim Carrey.

Alex and Cameron had a brief romance. In Super Bowl XLV, 2010, these celebrities were captured while Diaz had Rodriguez eating from the palm of his hand, giving the famous Dominican origin rosettes in the mouth.

Kevin Burkhardt jokingly chimed in, “It’s not the first time I’ve seen popcorn eaten in the middle of the game.” To which Alex Rodriguez replied, “KB, maybe that’s why I’m single.”

A-Rod recalled his romance with Cameron Diaz, with whom he dated for about a year from 2010 to 2011 and seemed to remind the public that he has conquered more than one celebrity, and everything seems to indicate that Jennifer Lopez is a past episode in his life.

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In the summer, Rodriguez estimated through Instagram that he was willing to not take importance to everything that does not contribute anything to his life, and that he preferred to look to the future. The athlete’s journey after breaking up with JLo was an ordeal for him.

Alex lived his first summer without Jennifer Lopez, his fiancée with whom he did not seal the marriage, because before he reformulated his wedding plans postponed by the pandemic, the relationship dissolved and, unlike BenniferIt seems that Jennifer Lopez does not have among her plans to revive her romance with Alex Rodriguez in the future, proof of this is that she deleted the publications that were on her Instagram with A-Rod.

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