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Tom Cruise will no longer be the first to shoot in space: Russian production the Challenge snatches his position – movie news

The protagonist of the Mission: Impossible franchise was scheduled to launch this cinematic journey next October.

The actor Tom Cruise increasingly tries to push himself to the limit in the filming of the films in which he stars. An example of this is his new and unknown project that he has planned roll in space. Everything pointed to the interpreter starting the recording of this new tape next October, however, it seems that he will not be the only or the first who is preparing to make this cinematographic journey. The russian production of The Challenge has taken the advantage and are preparing to be the first to fly into space to shoot the film.

During 12 days The team of the film directed by Russian filmmaker Klim Shipenko will be immersed in a complex shoot in space. If all goes according to plan, The Challenge team could take off the October 5th. For the past year, the team has been training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow, and on September 16 the center approved filming. This would mean that the Russian production would be the first to put the cameras in space to make a tape.

There are not many details of what part or what actions they will take when they are orbiting. The details of the plot The Challenge they are well kept under lock and key. The only thing that is known about this film is that the main story will follow a Russian doctor who is sent to the International Space Station to save the life of a cosmonaut.

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Although this could be considered a new space race, cinematically speaking, Russia’s Channel One CEO, Konstantin Ernst, has wanted to make it clear that this is not the intention. “Without a doubt, we would have preferred to arrive at the International Space Station at the same time as Tom Cruise. We would have enjoyed filming the movie much more together“, he assured in a statement to Variety “. He has even come to compare this future project with the joint space mission carried out by the United States and the Soviet Union in 1972.

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Tom Cruise has not yet made any statement on the matter. In principle, the actor would travel to space in October with Elon musk, owner of the galactic travel company Space X, in charge of the transport on the ship Space X Crew Dragon, and together with the exastronaut Miguel L√≥pez-Alegria. On this flight, classified as a tourist, the actor will be accompanied by Doug Liman, producer and director of The Bourne case, and what will be in charge of bringing Cruise’s space adventure to the big screen in film form.

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