Marvel would like to bring Chris Evans back as Captain America for ‘Fantastic 4’

With the end of Phase 3 of the MCU, many of the fan-favorite superheroes put an end to their adventures in this universe. Chris Evans it was one of the great losses, along with Robert Downey Jr. evidently, and the actor left settled his presence as Captain America.

The end of Steve Rogers makes it clear that Chris would not return to a Marvel installment and even less after seeing the end of the series ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​being Anthony Mackie the chosen one to continue carrying the shield of Cap. This seemed to be more than final, but It is possible that from Marvel they are thinking about a return of Evans for the MCU.

Of course, Chris’s return would not be with a new film of the adventures of Steve Rogers, since Anthony Mackie is now in charge of that, but they would supposedly be in talks to make his appearance in the new film of ‘Fantastic 4‘. Remember that Evans is already familiar with this group of superheroes being Human Torch in the installment that premiered in 2005.

As they count from Giant Freakin Robot, in Marvel they would be planning that Chris reappears in the MCU with the arrival in 2023 of the film that will introduce Fantastic Four in Phase 4. At the moment they say that Evans simply would be part of a cameo in the film.

Chris Evans’ cameo in ‘Free Guy’

If this information is finally confirmed, it would be a great joy for fans of the MCU, since Chris Evans has the love of all Marvel fans. Of course, we would not be before the first cameo he makes as Captain America since on Ryan Reynolds’s ‘Free Guy’, he lent himself to do it. We warn that from here there will be SPOILERS for ‘Free Guy‘, so if you haven’t seen it, you know what to do.

Ryan Reynolds’ character had a final fight where all of a sudden, to the tune of Avengers music, Cap’s shield appeared. To which Chris Evans reacts by seeing that moment from his mobile phone. Here we leave you the moment.

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