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Kristen Stewart, with the music inside


Play Princess Diana in the movie Spencer, allowed Kristen Stewart to stand out at international festivals and is now shaping up to be on the road to the Oscar.

“As in all my work, I have tried to be authentic, to be me, like any modern woman.

“As for Princess Diana, she needed to do a near-perfect job. There is a huge difference between the actor’s job and what a member of the royal family does, trying to hold a nation together. I don’t consider my work to be that big. If so, I would not vomit from nerves behind the camera, “he confessed.

Kristen Stewart has risen to popularity after the success of Twilight, which was heightened by the romance she lived in fiction and reality with Robert Pattinson, and then the confession of her gay sexuality and her relationship with screenwriter Dylan Meyer. .

Now he faces a beloved character, who had power in his heart.

“It was always like this, since he was born. There are people who are born with undeniable energy. The sad thing is that being such a normal person, she felt very lonely, although the rest of the people could feel accompanied by her. I guess I just wanted to get what she gave. We are all mirrors of everyone. What you give, you will receive. And I think she was also desperate to reveal a certain truth about the world she lived in.

“When I see images of Diana, I feel like the ground is shaking and you don’t know what might happen. And it’s really amazing to see someone who made people feel so good, feel so bad.

“By interpreting her I can say that I know her a little more. I feel like anyone can feel like they know her, because that was her talent. The beautiful thing about Princess Diana is that she was accessible to everyone and anyone could feel that she was her friend. But ironically, she was the least known person, someone who never wanted to be alone.

“There are people who appreciate it and others hate it. She wanted to connect, she wanted to be surrounded by people in her life, but at the same time she was the most isolated human being in the world. “

Directed by Chilean Pablo Larraín, who had already brought the story of Jackie Kennedy with Natalie Portman to the cinema, now Kristen Stewart tells the story of Princess Diana, at the time she decided to separate from Prince Charles. And amid the rumors of extramarital affairs and possible divorce, history imagines what may have happened during those last days of fidelity.

“We can say that Spencer it is a very real fairy tale. We all know that fairy tales are good for putting children to sleep but also for giving them an optimistic outlook on life. This is the case, where a princess wants to give up the idea of ​​being a queen, because she wants to be herself. “

Despite the physical resemblance, he says he never wanted to do an imitation.

“If he had tried to create or imitate her, he would have lost his real personality.

“The three days before she decided to leave the royal family, which we showed in the movies, they weren’t much fun. But the physical transformation was a real treat.

“On set we played some songs that set the energy of the environment. Almost every day I could dance in a different place, with a certain specific wardrobe. And just there, Pablo (Larraín, the director) chose a song that I always hid until it was filmed.

“We had royal advisers, people who told us what we didn’t know. The setting we choose to shoot is where it really happened. I also learned about references, what is supposed to be done, like not going to the kitchen alone and stealing food, that style of detail that I don’t even remember now. But there was always someone who would check that everything was correct, trying to maintain authenticity. I still remember the curtsies that had to be made to greet. “

When talking about the passion of his characters, he recalled Twilight.

“I felt like I was her. It’s something that I never felt with any other character. I suppose it has to do with the fact that I was a teenager at a time when I also had to wake up.

“Also, it was the time of my life when I knew my body or certain specific desires where people often tell you that something is wrong and everything that you should not do but would love to do. It was a very cool for that age, as at this time it is Spencer.

The data

  • Pablo Larain is the director of this film about Princess Diana. “A woman who was very isolated and looking for company,” said Kristen Stewart.

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