first pictures of Christian Bale as Gorr

Thor: Love and Thunder It will be the fourth film of the only character to have a fourth production of Marvel’s initial triad, completed by Iron Man and Captain America. East film It is one of the most anticipated because of the character’s charisma and because it will introduce a new villain. Said adversary will be played by Christian Bale, one of the best contemporary actors, who will play Gorr the Butcher God.

Although not much information has been leaked about the actor and his role, The Daily Mail had access to some images that the account specialized in news about the film, Thor: Love and Thunder News, also spread. In them you can see part of the wardrobe that Christian Bale will wear. The actor, who had already been part of comic book-inspired cinema during Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, will participate for the first time in a project of the other company of stories about superheroes and villains, Marvel.

Gorr the Butcher God will face the God of Thunder, with the particularity that in this film that role will alternate or change definitively. It’s not clear yet, but Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) is confirmed. Therefore, it is at least certain that Thor: Love and Thunder will feature two novelties within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the work of Christian Bale and the new carrier of the Mjolnir.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and Christian Bale as Gorr the Butcher God

The events of Avengeres: Endgame (Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, 2019) left Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in a strange place. The character seems to have found a kind of inner peace that will take him to other destinations. By letting go of your interest in kingship, you can begin to explore new slopes within your narrative. In that sense, one of the possible aspects to address would be love.

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