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Dwayne Johnson confesses how he surrenders to his daughters’ demands when they play together

Dwayne johnson has established himself as one of the great actors of the moment in the Hollywood panorama participating in the most anticipated premieres such as Black adam‘or’ Red Alert ‘. Despite all the hustle and bustle that Dwayne has been having in recent months, the actor knows perfectly how to relax in his spare time.

In a photograph that he has uploaded to his Instagram account Dwayne johnson proudly show how you spend a day with your children in the pool and playing with them, being just another child. Although according to account in the post, it seems that your children have more power than it might seem: “Fun day at the pool”.

“Which is equivalent to ‘Daddy jumps, but you can’t take your shirt off, so get a dark bricklayer on your neck. And besides you have to carry us everywhere because the ground is lava‘. Life is wonderful, my hands are full, “he ends up writing.

The surprise of Dwayne Johnson that shocked his fans in a bus

One of the things that Dwayne Johnson likes the most is surprise your fans in the most unexpected ways that occur to him. Of course the last case that some fans of the actor have experienced in a bus has ended up leaving them with their mouths open.

La Roca uploaded a video to his Instagram account in which he rolled down his car window to greet tourists who were going on this route where they tour the homes of Hollywood celebrities: “How about people?Do you know where I can find ‘The Rock’? “

And he ends up writing: “Sometimes they go crazy screaming so loud they even wake the dead. There are even some times that they are literally paralyzed and without words. Anyway, this is one of the best parts of fame: make some people happy. And without words. ”

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