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Dubbing the voice of Emma Watson opened the doors for Meli G

Double the voice in Spanish of Emma Watson in the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, opened the doors to Meli G in the music scene and now he intends to steal the hearts of all the people who have given him a chance to listen to his compositions.

“The character that has impacted me the most in both my personal and professional life has been the voice of ‘Bella’, because for me she was always my favorite, she was always my favorite princess, and being a princess, let’s say she can fulfill that I dream of giving him the voice.

“And when they gave me the opportunity to be the voice of Emma Watson, it was also a super strong impact because I admire her a lot, I love how she acts and it also marked my musical career very strongly,” Meli G.

The voice actress indicates that it has been 17 years giving voice to different characters, from “Lucy” in The Chronicles of Narnia, “Violet Markey” in Violet and Finch, “Malin” in Pokémon: Kyurem Vs. The Mystic Swordsman, “Pinkie Pie ”in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and many more.

“They have been projects that throughout my career have left me incredible things, for example, that many people are interested in who is behind the voice, it is incredible to be able to lend your voice to different characters in many ways, which have many characteristics” , he points out.

And although he will continue to lend his voice to other projects, for the moment he will focus more on the world of music and that is why, after a long time, he decided to relaunch his single “Basta ya”, which is available on all platforms. digital.

“For me initially, the networks did cost me a lot of work, there was a time when I was very involved in YouTube, I got a lot of content and now I want to redirect it more to music, so that people no longer see me only as a dubbing actress, but as a singer, in fact, I started my channel doing covers ”, he explains.

On the other hand, she emphasizes that, for an independent singer like her, it is essential to be present on the networks and platforms to have much more contact with her followers.

“I feel that, for independent artists like me, it is a method that must continue to be used until your project begins to bear fruit, obviously everyone has their own process, I for example had not been so current in music lately, also due to certain changes that I experienced, then the pandemic came and I focused on other things, now I have resumed my music and that makes me very happy, ”he deepens.

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