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Chris Hemsworth shares unpublished images of his surfing skills

Chris Hemsworth is not only one of the most sought-after actors of the momentBut the Australian is also one of the most attractive men on the planet. Through his social networks, he has millions of followers, whom he delights with the images he publishes on them.

The actor has a privileged physique, however, he works hard to maintain and take care of it, combining sports with healthy habits and a strict diet. What’s more, sport has always been one of his great passions.

The australian he spends a large part of his time practicing sports, either as training or simply out of passion, such as surfing, being one of his great hobbies since he was practically a child.

Being born in Australia, Chris Hemsworth has always been closely linked to the sport. Currently, he lives in Byron Bay, where there is a great love of surfing, which he has joined, practicing it regularly whenever he can.

Just a few days ago, He shared through his Instagram account a series of images, in which he shows how well he does this sportand. In the images, he appears surfing a wave, surprising his followers with his ability, being able to look at the camera and make the typical gesture surfer.

The actor himself has laughed at this gesture in the images from his Instagram account, calling it “cheesy”, however, at the moment the emotion got the better of him. As well as his followers, who have filled the image with almost 2 million ‘likes’.

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