Anne Hathaway: 20 years as ‘princess’

Either they hate it or they love it. There is no middle ground. Around his well-known figure it has been decades since gray opinions are drawn. Neither compliments of gratuity. Because being born with absolute talent for acting, such as writing or singing, implies exercising a gift that also carries a whip. “And the whip is only for self-flagellating”, as well specified Truman capote. On a personal level, of course, but also towards society. With that terrible external critical eye that is uncontrollable. More in a country, like the United States, in which the ambitious and rednecks multiply. Because there are few times that the hard-working and demanding Anne Hathaway has been in the spotlight. Good for her status as a New York intellectual, with training at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University; or because of her exquisite training in the world of the arts: she is an accomplished dancer, who also studied at the Broadway Dance Center and, as first soprano, in 1998 she had the privilege of giving two concerts at Carnegie Hall. An incipient career that would have taken him well through stages around the world had he not encountered the successful one in his life Princess by surprise.

Her first major leading role told the story of a young American student, Mia thermopolis, who unexpectedly discovered that she was actually the crown princess of the small European kingdom of Genovia. A film whose plot, everything is said, was easier than an episode of The Serrano or Afterclass, but it was very popular with the public at the beginning of the new millennium. And most importantly, he made her a star.

In addition to the months after the premiere of said film, which (by the way) united him forever with the wonderful Julie Andrews (his grandmother and queen Clarisse renaldi in fiction), there has been another incontestable moment in her career that has elevated her to the heavens. This was when she won absolutely everything – the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the BAFTA and the SAG for Best Supporting Actress – for her performance in The Miserables. Fifteen minutes of musical, three of them inserted in a formidable, portentous and hypnotic performance of I dreamed a dream, They were enough to star in one of the best scenes in the history of cinema, according to experts. The character of FantineIn addition to granting her international glory, it established her as the exceptional actress she is today. A woman who prefers Broadway cafes and theaters to all that Beverly Hills nonsense.

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