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007, license to cry, by Alfonso Basallo

With the movie No time to die, which opens in a few weeks, Daniel Craig says goodbye to agent 007. And he has staged the farewell with some emotional words that have made his fellow filmmakers cry. Something inconceivable in the cold and amoral agent of the saga, but in keeping with the style and trajectory of “Daniel” Bond, who since his debut with Royal Casino (2006) has broken the cliché that the agent lacked feelings.

Unlike Connery, Moore, and the others, Craig had disheveled, dirty, pectorals, and at times exhibited a demeanor closer to a man. hooligan than the gentleman conceived by Ian Fleming. Blood came from his nose or snouts and he ended up with the eyes of a knocked out boxer, when he fell into the hands of his enemies. He was beaten, electrocuted, crushed … something more typical of Phillip Marlowe’s pupae in The eternal dream or Bye doll. And as the character of Chandler -Cute on the inside / tough on the outside-, Craig also made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong person. There was a before and after in the Bond saga, when he fell into the networks of the dangerous and seductive Vesper Lynd (Eva green) and what is worse, he made the decision to take revenge a personal matter.

“Personal”. The word came out. What gives it human relief, compared to the somewhat mechanical coldness of Connery, the stiffness of Timothy Dalton or the dullness of Roger Moore, is that it is a person, not a cartoon or a stereotype. That is exactly what a philosopher who wrote about cinema was throwing in the face of the James Bond of the 60s. Julian Marias holds that without a person – and a person in all its complexity – there can be no history. Seeing Goldfinger (1964), one of the first installments of the saga, said that neither agent 007 nor his rivals «reach that minimum who that would make of them people ». And everything remains in «shots, ambushes, fights, loves – let’s put it like this – withering with beautiful and provocative women ”but, paradoxically, such an accumulation of fun ingredients leaves the viewer“ indifferent ”.

I had no better opinion of James Bond, Fernando Savater. Despite his mythomania (Sherlock, Tarzan, the comic book heroes), he does not swallow 007. He considers it a cartoon that “consumes cars, women, time”; an unromantic type, “greedy, cynical, brutal, consumerist and promiscuous.” And he’s not just referring to Connery, but Daniel Craig as well, ‘a kind of bodybuilder “who looks more like” a Russian spy than a British one. “

The last straw comes with a history professor at the University of Jerusalem, Ishay landa, that curling the curl, goes so far as to say that Bond is the modern expression of the Übermensch (or superman) from Nietzsche, someone superior to the rest of the mortals, a Juan Palomo of morality -I cook it for me, I eat it- capable of giving birth to his own value system, identifying as good everything that comes from his will to power. Faced with the “slave morality of Christianity and Judaism” that Nietzsche would say, stands a guy so clever and so above good and evil that he dictates his own rules. And that he does not consider himself a murderer but a superior being, as Raskolnikoff, the character of Dostoyevsky, by taking Napoleon as a superman model. 007 the same: that’s why he has a license to kill.

The funny thing about the case is that he faces megalomaniacal villains, from Dr. No to Goldfinger, passing through the Raoul Silva of Skyfall -incarnated by our Javier Bardem- who happen to be other Übermensch, perhaps uglier and more histrionic, but no less amoral. Cartoon avatars of the Hitlers and Stalins.

If Raskolnikoff was pulled from his horse, Sonia and the punishment for the crime, the last Bond (Daniel Craig) was put in his place by the loss of his beloved, the pain, the lesson. But this was not seen by Julián Marías, who died before Royal Casino. Had he seen her, he might have changed his opinion about 007, since he defined the person as a “loving creature.” The cinephile philosopher was left in the soft nothing Sean Connery who never shed a tear for dangerous spies, and who reserved the thrill for when he got out of the Aston Martin, dropped the silenced Walther PPK, and went in search of glory (pain and glory) in the Kafiristan of The man who could reign.

Sonia Gupta
Soniya Gupta, who joined the Technical University in October 2015, continues his education life at Technical University. As the passion for aviation increases day by day, it has a great interest in technology and gaming.


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