Why shouldn’t there be a live-action Akira? – Spoiler Time

The theme takes almost twenty years of “development” in Hollywood and A LOT of money has been paid to get your rights. But there have been many obstacles, and everything seems to indicate that his adaptation with “real people” has again fallen into an indefinite hiatus.

We talk about Akira, the masterpiece of Katsushiro Otomo which has been a cult phenomenon in both manga and anime since its inception both in its printed version (1982-1990) as animated (1988).

Its sales in various formats and reissues have been so high and constant through these 20 years, that the ambitious nose of Hollywood did not go unnoticed by the franchise, so on 2002 Warner Bros. paid for rights to Toho Animation and Otomo for an unknown quantity, but which they defined as “of 7 figures ”.


But it seems that it was not profitable business, because after the producer of Leonardo Dicaprio will leave the project / alliance with Warner Due to continuous delays, his live-action adaptation fell into a slumber of almost 10 years.

Already in 2017. the emotion of some was reactivated – note that the bulk of fans of the anime and original manga continue to reject the idea – as it was announced that the talented and prolific Taika waititi (Jojo rabbit) would direct the adaptation. But the reality is that eventually (and again) the project has gone into indefinite hiatus after Waititi decide to direct first Thor: Love and Thunder for Marvel Studios.

Anyway, things happen for something and these are our reasons for that better NEVER HAPPEN (and that in fact, possibly are the reasons why the project simply does not respect, as in the case of Robotech).

A very complex story

And boy is it! If you have seen the anime film, you will realize that, in itself, it is highly complex and many things are left in a gray area after its 124 minutes long.

Still 3 decades later, the plot of children with psychic powers potentiated by the science of a selfish government is surrounded by subplots and political and even religious intrigues that could confuse even the brightest fan of sagas like The Matrix.

For its part, the manga was extended to 6 huge volumes that were published during 8 yearsImagine all the events and explanations, which frankly seem impossible to capture in a single movie with real actors!

A very local story

Something that NOBODY liked was the preliminary announcement (and sustained by Waititi in more recent interviews) that the main characters as Tetsuo and Kaneda, just as the original locations would come out of the Japan post-apocalyptic and would be placed in America “with a cast that shows diversity.”

Didn’t they learn from the resounding failure of the adaptation of Ghost in the shell with Scarlett Johansson or the terrible Death note from Netflix? Just read the manga (posted by Panini in our region) to understand that there are so many ideologies that are based on Japanese culture, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to successfully transfer them to America, The West or “a globalized culture”, just to satisfy sectors. No Please!

Something is already being redone!

At the end of the day, and as we informed you a couple of years ago, Sunrise and Katsushiro Otomo announced a NEW ANIME SERIES that will be completely based on the manga, so this time we will see the complete story adapted to the 100%.

further an amazing quality remastering was done 4K Ultra HD that has once again reached the first places in world sales of its kind, which raised huge profits in its brief premiere in Japan, on screens IMAX 4K (April 2019) and Dolby Cinema (April 2020)


Do you need more? Of course not, and on our part, we hope the project stays that way, instead of freaking out with things like Dragonball: Evoltion or the impending disaster of Saint Seiya in live-action!

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