Serious accusation against Rihanna for what she has done to models like Emily Ratajkowski: the photos of …

It is inevitable not to address the controversy caused during the last Savage X Fenty show organized by RihannaBecause he was accused of appropriating the Afro-descendant culture and what he tried to highlight as a compliment, he ended up offending both cultures and we are going to tell you why.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens at the Savage X Fenty Show

The truth is that Rihanna has been venturing into the world of fashion for several years, becoming a successful businesswoman by offering lingerie and beauty items that adapt to the skin type and particular body of each personto. Both her beauty brand Fenty Beauty and her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty have had a great reception among her followers, lovers of beauty and fashion.

It is no secret to anyone that this artist is a beautiful woman with a dark skin tone who has raised the flag of equality and non-discrimination towards African Americans, showing that they can be successful, famous and great entrepreneurs. Rihanna, who likes to break taboos, He held a parade to present his new Savage X Fenty collection where he invited several white models as part of his cast to parade his clothes, something unexpected and that did not quite turn out well.

The controversy with models like Emily Ratajkowski

But that was not the problem, the discomfort of many who follow him is having presented models like Emily Ratajkowski with braid hairstyles, like the other models; which, despite highlighting the garments of the collection with their excellent bodies, were immediately the focus of attention due to their typical hairstyle of the Afro-descendant culture.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emili Ratajkowski at the Savage X Fenty show

This situation immediately ignited comments on the networks, which did not understand why Rihanna had allowed white women to wear braids. They considered the event as a presentation for African Americans due to their dress and decoration and at the same time a lack of respect for the models who were paraded because they were not.

A great show that, despite showing clothes for different types of bodies, caused a large part of its followers to react more to refer to the appearance of the models (in terms of their hairstyles and their relationship to the Afro-descendant culture) than to the clothes. used …

Some criticisms difficult to understand

It seems incredible that in the XXI century these types of situations and controversies are seen in a world that fights against general racism and racial equality; maybe Rihanna wanted to highlight the beauty of women regardless of their color, giving a particular touch of her own culture to the presented parade to keep her roots alive. However, the play did not go well.

Sample criticism of Rihanna on Twitter

Would the same thing happen if an Afro-descendant parades without braids, with her hair ironed and painted white? Would they say that he is appropriating white culture? Questions to leave in the air and reflect on the equality of races, free of prejudices and acceptance of the freedom to choose to be, see ourselves and look as desired.

What we are sure of is that Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty collection has once again caused people to talk, it will be up to her to clarify or not her vision of what she wanted to convey with the look of her models.

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