Meet Rihanna’s luxurious mansion for sale that no one wants to buy for being ridiculously expensive

Rihanna, singer, businesswoman, fashion designer and actress has launched her luxurious Mansion for an exuberant sum. The also diplomat, writer and dancer, is known for fusing some Caribbean genres with pop music and for reinventing her image over the years. Her impact on popular culture has led her to become an icon of music and fashion, which is why she is referred to as the “Princess of R&B” and “Queen of Fashion”. Rihanna She is also considered the most influential and successful musical artist of the 21st century.

The successful singer recently put her Hollywood Hills mansion up for sale for $ 7.8 million. Rihanna has been looking to ditch the 7,130-square-foot property since December 2018, when he listed it for sale for $ 7.495 million and listed it as a $ 35,000-per-month rental at the same time.

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