Matt Damon keeps a big secret about Heath Ledger

The friendship relationship between Matt Damon and Heath Ledger has grown stronger since they starred in The Brothers Grimm’s Secret together in 2005. A friendship that ended abruptly in 2008 when Ledger passed away.

But there are things that never end and that is why Damon decided to do something that would unite him forever with the famous Jocker.

Despite the fact that Matt Damon is not so given to the public knowing his private life, the actor revealed in an interview with GQ magazine several details about his tattoos and confirmed that the first one that was done was in 2013 and all thanks at the insistence of his wife, Luciana Barroso.

“It was just that he announced it to me one good day. We were in our apartment in Manhattan and he said, ‘We’re going to get tattoos.’, has begun his story Damon, which then explains the first of his tributes to his late friend: “There is a colleague of ours who did all his Heath Ledger tattoos. And I had told him that, if he ever did me a tattoo, he would be the first one we would warn. “

And so it was, the couple called Scott Campbell, who is the name of the tattoo artist, and he came to their house with all the necessary material. At first, he was only going to write the name Lucy in honor of his wife. However, he ended up remembering Ledger and asked Campbell for a curved line that rose almost to his shoulder, identical to another that the protagonist had of 10 reasons to hate you.

“It’s something he had on his arm. Heath was an incredibly restless and creative person. For example, I was once talking to the person in charge of his hairdressing in The Patriot and he told me that he hated sitting still so much that when they finished put on the wig and everything else, he had made a sculpture of barrettes “The actor recalled, as well as that his wife also made the design on her ankle and that today they consider it a lucky charm: “It is like an angel who takes care of all the names that I have written in my embrace.”

SOURCE: With information from various media.

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