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Marina Calabró confirmed the complicated moment that Luis Ventura is going through: “Concern” SHOW El Intransigente

Very strong. This is what is being lived around Luis Ventura, one of the most prominent journalists on Argentine television. This has to do with what is happening with the awards ceremony Martin Fierro, which, after being confirmed, could once again question one of the most important aspects. This is how he told it Marina Calabró, where he spoke of the moment that the president of Aptra is going through, in charge of organizing the event.

“You have lied to me so much… first they were going to give it here, then there. Yesterday he made me say that they were going to show it on Channel Trece and now… ”Jorge Lanata began shooting on his Radio Miter program,“ Lanata Sin Filter ”, where he was more spicy than ever when talking to his partner. “My concern arises because there was a tweet from Damián Rojo”, she assured.

“He said that the Martín Fierros are not going to be held at Luna Park, almost certainly at Canal Trece. The channel wants it to be a Saturday … but Luna Park is busy, every Saturday in November they are busy, that’s why they talk about changing locations ”, manifested Marina Calabró Bluntly. But this was not all, since the journalist gave another strong detail in front of each of the listeners.

“There is another issue, Canal Trece wants to reward 2019 … if one were evil, one can interpret that this may be associated with the need to close the successful cycle of ATAV, Polka’s last successful production, with an awards ceremony where everything is taken and be a party, “he said. Laura Ubfal had been in charge of speaking about it in Gossip, giving information that is currently in doubt.

“This is a first, because I found out that Canal Trece would broadcast the Martín Fierro party. So we are happy with the people of APTRA, let’s see if it is done in late October or early November at Luna Park with dinner. It is a lot of trouble, they are looking at the issue of the delivery, if it would be 2019, 2020, 2019 and 2020. There are 35 nominations per year and nobody wants to be left out. We are going to see how the organization is finished, but what is done is done, the delivery of the Martín Fierro de aire in person ”, he concluded.

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