Madonna regrets turning down roles in ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Matrix’ (VIDEO)

Madonna regrets rejecting roles in ‘Batman returns‘ and ‘Matrix‘, assured the singer in an interview in’The Tonight Show‘ with Jimmy Fallon.

In the 90s, Madonna was at one of her high points of popularity so Warner Bros. He searched her for ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘The Matrix’.

Tim Burton wanted Madonna to play Catwoman (Catwoman) in his second Batman movie, as a way to add “star power” to the franchise.

However, the singer would have refused to play Selina Kyle from the first approach with the director and the producer.

Madonna’s refusal to Catwoman and ‘Batman Returns’ caused other options to be sought for the role, such as Geena Davis, Demi Moore or Nicole Kidman,

In the end it was Michelle pfeiffer who made the villain in ‘Batman Returns’; For many, despite Madonna’s talent, they believe that she would not have matched what Pfeiffer did.

Madonna refused to appear in the first ‘Matrix’

Continuing with the Jimmy Fallon interview, Madonna He also mentioned that he rejected the Wachowski Sisters and to Warner Bros. (again), with the first ‘Matrix‘.

As with ‘Batman Returns’, the Wachowski Sisters approached him to offer to appear in ‘The Matrix’; but she again refused to be in a movie.

After the box office and cultural success that was ‘The Matrix’, Madonna mentioned that she “wanted to kill herself” for having turned down the opportunity.

Matrix (Warner Bros.)

In this case he did not mention what role he would have played; However, several critics and film journalists believe that she was wanted to make a Trinity.

If the above were true, in less than 10 years Madonna would have rejected playing two high-impact fictional female figures in the entertainment industry.

Of course, not everything is regret with Madonna, he pointed out that they also offered him to be the protagonist of ‘Showgirls‘, considered one of the worst movies in history.

In this case, Madonna is grateful for not having participated in the film.

With information from Comic Book.

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