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Christian Bale to star in movie about real drug lord pastor

Sometimes reality sounds like fiction. That’s the case with the true story that inspired the upcoming film by acclaimed performer Christian Bale. After his return to superhero movies, the actor is already preparing a new drama that sounds as crazy as it is true. It is about the life of a pastor who turned out to be a drug dealer for Mexican organized crime.

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In accordance with Deadline, the actor Christian bale will be the protagonist of The Church of Living Dangerously, a drama about the life of John Lee Bishop, a famous pastor who was arrested for trafficking heroin for the Mexican cartels. This is just the tip of the iceberg of his colossal life that is full of tragedies as well as eccentricities and luxuries. A pretty juicy role for him.

The script will be in charge of Charles randolph, who wrote The Great Apue $ ta – 88%, another movie with Bale in a lead role. The film will be based on an article by Vanity fair, in which Bishop’s violent childhood is detailed, as he was forced to fight with other children to amuse his uncle and the heroin addiction of one of his children, which is why he decided to start using it as well and what later it took him to dedicate himself to drug trafficking.

Bishop doesn’t really have much of a real-life resemblance to Bale. The Brit is known for the transformations he undergoes for his roles. Whether the muscular superhero body of Batman Starts – 84%, the obese American Scandal scammer – 93% or the slimmest physique of The Machinist. So it will be necessary to see if he decides, once again, to surprise with a radical change of appearance for this role.

Bale just wrapped up filming on Thor: Love and Thunder a few months ago. Taika Waititi’s film will see the actor return in the superhero genre but now as the villain. It is known that his role will be that of Gorr, a dangerous alien who is capable of murdering the most powerful creatures in the cosmos and who will have the titular character in his sights. This will be the most immediate project that we will see him in next summer.

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Likewise, it is known that he is part of the robust and stellar cast of the next film by director David O. Russell, one of his most frequent collaborators and with whom he made The Fighter – 91%, film for which he won the Oscar. Details about that film, and the Briton’s character, have yet to be revealed. That movie is also expected to hit theaters late next year, just in time for awards season.

The Church of Living Dangerously It does not have a release date yet. By now it is known to be in the earliest stages of development. If you can shoot at the beginning of the following year, you might have to wait until 2023. Until then, Thor: love and thunder It will hit theaters on May 6, 2022.

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