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Chris Hemsworth and Natalie portman voicing Thor partygoer and Jane Foster in episode 1×07?

MADRID, Sep 22 (CulturaOcio) –

One more Wednesday, true to his appointment with the fandom, comes a new episode of ‘What would happen if…? (What If …?) ‘. The seventh and penultimate chapter of the animated series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has as its protagonist a variant of thor more aware of the revelries than of their actual commitments. A delivery that has brought back Jane foster. However, Who are the ones who lend their voices to the animated counterparts of the God of Thunder and the shrewd scientist?

Those who saw the brief preview that Marvel shared this past Tuesday will have noticed that the voices of Party Thor and Jane they are quite well known. Both are interpreted in their original dubbing by Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Australian actor and Israeli actress they repeat their roles like this, following in the wake of other of the great stars of the MCU such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Rudd, Hayley Atwell or Michael B. Jordan, who reverted to being Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Peggy Carter, and Killmonger, respectively. This was not the case with other characters, such as those of Iron Man, Black Widow or Spider-Man, who were played by dubbing professionals.

The fans breathe a sigh of relief, especially in the case of Portman, with which he reaffirms his commitment to Jane Foster in the future of the MCU. Very famous was his departure from the saga due to creative differences and, after his official return at Comic-Con 2019, his passage through ‘What If’ is seen as a new gesture that his return is more than assured.

The episode shows the partier side of Thor. The Norse God goes from being a brash, brooding prince to being England’s version of the wacky years of Prince Harry. The superhero turns the Earth into his particular Magaluf, causing a series of consequences that will be investigated by Jane Foster and an unexpected guest.


Or, rather, invited, since ‘What If’ 1×07 Brings Captain Marvel Back, which is recruited by SHIELD so that Party Thor will stop partying and assume his responsibilities and clean up the planet he has devastated, leaving scenes in which Carol Danvers faces the God of Thunder.

Unlike the cases of Thor and Jane Foster, Captain Marvel is not voiced by Brie Larson, being replaced by the voice actress Alexandra daniels. Unlike previous relays, in which the voice actors already had experience with their characters as happened with Mich Wingert and his Hombre de Hierro, Daniels hadn’t lent his voice to the superhero before.

It is assumed that Daniels will be the one who doubles the Captain in case she appears in the two remaining episodes., since it was she who dubbed the superheroine in 1×03 of the animated fiction.

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