Michl Müller enthuses sold-out town hall

Interview with Michl Müller

The reporter Peter Gattaut, the one with his landlady Heidi Zimmermann (big Michl Müller fan) was there, was able to conduct an interesting interview with the likeable artist in advance:

Upper PalatinateECHO: Dear Michl, you told us once in an interview that you are in love again. Is there currently a woman by your side?

Michl Müller: “Yes, in fact, a lot has changed in my private life. In my new program, I also talk about renovating my own house, so everyone can now figure it out for themselves.”

“Crazy about Müller” is already your 18th stage program. How do the names of the programs come about and who comes up with them?

“I actually think of all of them myself. The new title“ Crazy about Müller ”arose from the fact that I recently watched the classic from 1998“ Crazy about Mary ”with Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller. Pause, first the title and then the corresponding program emerged. “

You are a Franconian through and through and love your homeland very much. What do you like best about Franconia and Franconia?

“When I think of my beloved Franconia, I spontaneously think of wine and nature. Regarding the Franks themselves: If you know them better, you learn to appreciate their honesty and sometimes their direct manner.”

You have been on tour again since July and delight your live audience. How much did you miss this during the Corona period and are there now moments that you perceive more intensely than during the appearances before the pandemic?

“The first time seems like vacation to you, nobody knew at the time how long it would take. I was also so busy because of my house renovation. The longer the pandemic lasted and I did some TV stories for ARD and the BR was allowed to do in front of empty seats, I realized how much I missed the reactions, the laughter and the applause of the audience. Even if masking is still required, the mood is almost the same again and yes, I enjoy it more like before.”

What message do you want to give our readers and your numerous fans along the way?

“True to the motto of my new program: Don’t let yourself be driven crazy, be crazy yourself, preferably crazy about Müller.”

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