Mega show for Joe Biden: Justin Timberlake sings, Tom Hanks moderates

Mega show for Joe Biden – Justin Timberlake sings, Tom Hanks moderates

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake at his Superbowl appearance in 2018

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One week until Joe Biden takes office. While more and more people are turning away from incumbent Donald Trump, the president-elect can look forward to a mega-show. Justin Timberlake will perform in front of the Capitol.

Superstar Lady Gaga already supported him during the election campaign: The singer performed together with Joe Biden in the embattled US state of Pennsylvania, campaigning for votes for the presidential candidate. It is no secret that the Democrat had numerous prominent supporters such as Tom Hanks and Barbra Streisand. For the inauguration of the elected President next Wednesday, Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris can look forward to a mega show in front of the Capitol.

“Celebrating America” ​​is the name of the show that will be broadcast live from the Lincoln Memorial on the evening of the inauguration. The 90-minute show will be hosted by Tom Hanks, with appearances by Demi Lovato, Ant Clemons, Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake. More stars are to be announced in the coming days.

Justin Timberlake is looking forward to a great “honor”

“I’m very excited,” Justin Timberlake said on US breakfast television “Today”. “There’s a song I wrote with an artist who was just nominated for a Grammy, Ant Clemons. It’s called ‘Better Days’ and we’re going to play it at the inauguration. What an honor,” said the singer. He therefore immediately agreed to take part in the inauguration show.

See the original of Joe Biden's statement on the storming of the Capitol in Washington

Because of the corona pandemic, Joe Biden’s inauguration will be a virtual event. Only a few guests of honor are allowed in the stands. The otherwise usual crowd of spectators at the Lincoln Mall is completely dispensed with. In addition, after the violent riots by Trump supporters on January 6, the authorities extremely tightened security measures. But Biden will probably forego the usual parade to the White House.

Joe Biden’s inauguration live on TV

German television will broadcast the inauguration live on January 20th. It is currently not known whether the show with Tom Hanks, which will only take place in the evening (8 p.m. local time), will be broadcast. However, “Celebrating America” ​​should be shown on streaming platforms.


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