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Sofía Vergara: Quite indecisive when it comes to styling

Sofia Vergara
Quite indecisive about styling

Sofia Vergara

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Actress Sofía Vergara is said to have worn a lot of stylists over the past year

Sofía Vergara (41) has not had a permanent stylist for over a year and is getting one top talent after another.

The actress (‘The Smurfs’) wants to make sure that she shows off her curves well on the red carpet. According to the ‘New York Post’, in the past she got help from Deborah Waknin, who otherwise outfits Sandra Bullock (49, ‘Tough Girls’), followed by Marie Haenn, the stylist of Rihanna (25, ‘Diamonds’) by Elizabeth Stewart, who usually stages Cate Blanchett (44, ‘Elizabeth’), and finally that of top star Rachel Zoe (42). “Nobody wears out more stylists,” an insider blasphemed the publication. “She brings friends and family to the fittings – everyone then has an opinion.”

In any case, Zoe made sure Sofía Vergara looked amazing in a black Zuhair Murad dress at the recent premiere of ‘Machete Kills’ in Los Angeles. While some grumble that she can’t make up her mind, they protect others because their behavior is often seen in Hollywood: “Sofía stopped working with Deb over a year ago and has since tried different people to see who she gets along with best. That’s not uncommon with actresses. She doesn’t bring many people to the fittings. “

Vergara showed up at the Chelsea Handler (38) show the other day, wearing no jewelry – not even her engagement ring. The Colombian played the horrified: “Oh my god, my entire team is laid off! My assistant, my PR manager – they let me go out without jewelry! That has never happened to me. At least I wear underwear ?! I’ve never been done something without jewelry, I feel so naked, “wailed Sofía Vergara played.




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