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Hugh Jackman shocked with this photo

Hugh Jackman
He shocked with this photo

Fans worry about Hugh Jackman: In a recent Instagram photo, the actor looks years old

What happened to Hugh Jackman? This is what his 7.4 million followers asked themselves when they saw a photo of the actor on Instagram on Wednesday (August 10th), on which he was significantly aged looks like.

Hugh Jackman goes fishing

Wrinkles on the forehead, deep circles under the eyes, red eyes and a paler face drew the fans attention. The picture also shows three grilled fish, at the sight of which the 47-year-old sticks his thumb up. “That’s what I’m talking about,” he comments on the picture. Not a word about his obviously changed appearance.

“Eat a sandwich and rest. You work too much,” commented a follower of the actor. “Take your beauty sleep. I can’t watch you grow old,” wrote another.

“Wolverine” has gotten old

Days before, Hugh Jackman had posted photos from a fishing trip, on which he did not seem quite that old. However, his whole face cannot be seen through the sunglasses.

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However, some fans seem to have quickly discovered the secret of his aging. You guess Make-up as the reason for Hugh Jackman’s changed appearance. Because the Australian is currently in front of the camera for “Wolverine 3”. Rumor has it that the film will be based on the comic “Old Man Logan” and that Hugh Jackman will play an older version of the cult character.

At the sight of it, Hugh Jackman's fans worried.

At the sight of it, Hugh Jackman’s fans worried.



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