George Clooney: mega party planned for his 60th birthday

George Clooney
He is planning a mega party for his 60th birthday

George Clooney

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George Clooney is planning several parties for his 60th birthday next May and is saving neither money nor effort – the planning is already in full swing. And women and kids are not welcome.

Hollywood star George Clooney, 59, wants to celebrate his milestone birthday properly. In addition to parties in the USA and Europe, George is particularly looking forward to a short vacation with his friends in Mexico. An insider reports this exclusively in the US newspaper “OK! Magazine ”.

Clooney, who is spending the corona lockdown at his Los Angeles property with his wife Amal Clooney, 42, and three-year-old twins Ella Clooney and Alexander Clooney, only wants to host a small dinner party there. “He plans to celebrate the big parties in Italy and Great Britain depending on the current Corona situation,” said the insider. “But George emphasizes that Mexico is the place where he really wants to crank it up,” said the source. George’s best friend and Casamigos partner Rande Gerber, 58, organized the film-ready party.

George Clooney: “I just want a party with my boys”

“George may be a devoted husband and father, but he maintains his male friendships when Amal is not looking,” said the insider, noting that Gerber’s wife, Cindy Crawford, 54, will also suspend the wild trip to Mexico. “They’re just boys invited – no women or even children wanted, “the insider knows how to report.

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As soon as the “Ocean’s Eleven” star returns from his male trip, however, he will be ready again for his service as a father – a job he really loves. “George says fatherhood keeps him young. The twins make him laugh every day, ”says the insider, revealing that the children are totally different. “Ella is so petite and calm, while Alex is very active and wild. George is convinced that he will become a boxer when he grows up.”

Will there be five of the Clooneys soon?

As previously reported, the actor and his wife are still debating the idea of ​​expanding their family. “George has let his close circle of friends know that he intends to be a father again,” says the insider, explaining to his friends that a baby could come sometime after the age of 60.

Source used: OK! Magazines

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