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Will Smith fights Corona bacon on Youtube

Will Smith wants to get back in shape and document his training with videos. He is planning a six-part documentation on YouTube that his company “Westbrook Media” will produce. It bears the provisional title “Best Shape of My Life” and is scheduled to start this year.

Smith has 9.29 million subscribers on Youtube. He wants to bring his body into “the best shape of his life” and regain his groove on the way, says the description of the series. In the documentary, professional athletes and scientists should also have their say.

The actor presented his untrained Corona figure on Instagram and wrote: “I’m in the worst shape of my life”. In another post, the 52-year-old said: “I love this body, but I want to feel better.” His body carried him through the whole pandemic and countless forays into the pantry, Smith said.

(L’essentiel / DPA / mur)

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