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“Sex Education”: After Netflix Cliffhanger – Star indicates exit in season 4

Season 4 of "Sex Education" on Netflix could come up without Emma Mackey as Maeve (here on the right in the picture).

Season 4 of “Sex Education” on Netflix could come up without Emma Mackey as Maeve (pictured here on the right).

Image: Sam Taylor / Netflix

Jennifer Ullrich

Eight new episodes of “Sex Education” have been available since September 17th, and almost as expected, the series is now number 1 on the internal Netflix charts. This success, however, cannot hide one thing for the fans: The end of the latest chapter is bittersweet and leads to the fear of an important farewell to the characters. Attention, spoilers for the third season will follow from here! If you haven’t seen the episodes yet, you’d better stop reading.

Maeve receives her gifted scholarship in the USA and since financial problems are finally eliminated, she actually embarks on the adventure in the end. This in turn naturally raises big questions with a view to a possible quarter of a season. Actress Emma Mackey actually gives a hint in an interview with “Hunger” magazine.

“Sex Education”: Season 4 without Maeve?

After some back and forth, Maeve and Otis (Asa Butterfield) have finally found each other in a romantic way, but before their relationship can really take off, they are separated again – even if “only” spatially. At the gentle insistence of her best friend Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood), Maeve accepts the US scholarship, although she actually tended to stay in her home country because of Otis.

The creators now have several options for a potential fourth season of “Sex Education”: Either they establish a new storyline in the USA around Maeve or the figure, which is very popular among fans, is left out. A statement by actress Emma Mackey should not give courage to some viewers, because the star is struggling with a possible expiry date of the show.

“It’s a complicated thing for me. Sex Education is so important as a concept, as a series, and the cast is phenomenal,” says Emma. She also explains that she made “friends for life” through the production. However, she adds:

“But the bittersweet thing is that I can’t be 17 my whole life either.”

The actress is alluding to the fact that she embodies a teenager in “Sex Education”, but is now “already” 25 years old in real life – and of course the gap increases with each season. This could ultimately lead Emma not to come on board for a fourth season. However, the fans can still have hope, because they did not give a clear rejection in the interview.

“Sex Education” fans tremble for Maeve

One thing is certain: Without Maeve, “Sex Education” would no longer be the same for numerous Netflix viewers. It is not for nothing that her love luck (or bad luck) with Otis is at the center of the plot. One or the Twitter user is correspondingly frustrated. “It still triggers me that Otis and Maeve have not yet become firmly established and that something comes up again,” annoyed one writer while Maeve set off for the United States.

Another “Sex Education” sequel has not yet been officially confirmed on Netflix, but some fans are already thinking about season four – and they really want to see Maeve again. At the moment, however, you can only wait and see.


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