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Emma Watson Is Annoyed With Excitement About Harry Potter Star


Emma Watson has many advantages due to her famous name. But she also gets to feel the downsides that this brings with it!

Emma Watson is slowly but surely fed up with being Emma Watson. That might sound strange at first, but it is true for the freelancer journalist from Newcastle. She bears the same name as the Harry Potter star and is annoyed by the stupid sayings she gets to hear about it.

There’s a lot of whispering behind Emma Watson’s back!

Many would wish they had as much in common with a celebrity as freelancer Emma Watson. She finally shares her name with one of the most famous women in the world. But if their name is recognized, it is not always an advantage for them. She said in an interview with the Sun: “It is almost always made an issue when I get on a plane or check into a hotel”. When Emma Watson got on a plane, the flight crew often whispered about whether it could be the Harry Potter star. In the end, the disappointment to have a “normal” on the plane is quite big. Her only advantage is that she can always get through passport control very quickly.

Emma Watson is flooded with stupid sayings!

Actress Emma Watson is best known to many for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. That is also the reason why the freelancer was only raised by her name when the Harry Potter films started. “Whenever I showed my credit card or driver’s license, someone released a comment. I’m already expecting it because I’m used to it, ”says Emma Watson. The funny thing is that she’s never seen a Harry Potter movie, let alone read a Harry Potter book. “She is the exact opposite of me – I work with rock and metal bands, she would hate all of that,” says the freelancer. However, her name has one big advantage. If she reserved a table by phone in the USA and her English accent could be heard in conjunction with her name, she would have fewer problems actually getting one. Emma Watson can just get over one or the other saying.

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