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Daughter (12) talks to boys: Dad Adam Sandler goes crazy

Teen trouble with the Sandlers! Adam Sandler (52) has two daughters. The older of the two, Sadie Madison, is twelve years old and, according to her dad, is already practicing for her bar mitzvah. In Judaism, girls from this age are considered to be mature and official teenagers. But when the Hollywood star was asked what about dating and boys, the usually funny actor got serious. Adam admitted that he doesn’t find that good about his daughter.

“You know, I drive around with her and her friends and hear them talking about guys,” explains Adam in the Ellen DeGeneres Show – the boys about whom he would have said “I love this kid” five years ago. But now it would look different. “Now I’m getting very nervous”the 52-year-old admitted. “I see them making eye contact with my child – it’s kind of strange if your child is making eye contact with a boy while talking to others,” explained Adam and joked that it would make these guys eye contact with him too.

Actually it was Adam but got on Ellen’s (61) broadcast to promote his new movie “Murder Mystery”. In it he plays alongside Jennifer Aniston (50). But someone else is vying for his favor and would like to work with him again: Drew Barrymore (44). Adam is at the top of her list of favorite co-stars, she recently revealed.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston at a photocall for “Murder Mystery”
Adam Sandler, actor
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in May 2014



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