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Voice of Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt is dead

Mourning for Michael Deffert: The former series star, who was also known as the German voice of famous Hollywood stars, died at the age of 53.

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Michael Deffert, who became famous in the 1990s with the RTL crime series “SK Babies”, is dead. The native of Hamburg died after a short, serious illness in a hospital in Berlin. His close companion and colleague, the actor Florian Fitz, said goodbye a few days earlier, as he told “Bild”.

“He was like a brother to me”

“It all happened incredibly quickly,” said Fitz, adding, “Michael was like a brother to me.” Deffert’s last wish was that his ashes should be scattered on a mountain in Kenya. This last will is to be fulfilled for the deceased series and film star. Which illness Deffert died of should not be made public.

Michael Deffert and Florian Fitz: The two were close friends.  (Source: IMAGO / Tinkeres)Michael Deffert and Florian Fitz: The two were close friends. (Source: IMAGO / Tinkeres)

Michael Deffert worked as an actor and most recently as a voice actor, lending his voice to Johnny Depp (“Cry Baby”, 1990 and “Arizona Dream”, 1993), Mark Ruffalo and Brad Pitt (“Thelma & Louise, 1991 and “Johnny Suede”, 1994). His voice was also heard in TV commercials and in various radio plays for children. He dubbed US stars in series such as “Criminal Minds”, “Smallville” and “Sons of Anarchy”. That year an episode of “Navy CIS: LA” was released, in the German version of which he took on a dubbing role.

From 1996 he played the role of police chief Hannes Lohberg in 17 episodes of the RTL series “SK Babies”. He also took on guest roles in formats such as “Tatort”, “Der Bergdoktor” and “Alarm für Cobra 11”. Most recently he was seen in the TV documentary “Pope vs. Hitler” in 2016.

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