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She has these strange things in her handbag


December 13, 2019 – 11:34 am clock

So many knick-knacks in Emma Watson’s pocket

For some women there is nothing more sacred than the contents of a handbag. Actress Emma Watson (29) shows herself in private and even voluntarily opens her bag for the British fashion magazine “Vogue”. We have listed everything she has with her here.

Emma is well prepared

Her friends affectionately call her the “pocket lady”, as she reveals, and when you see what she carries around with her every day, you understand why: Emma is well prepared for various situations with the contents of her bag.

The list of things in her big bag is long: In addition to a book, Emma also takes out vegan deodorant, sunscreen, nail polish, a make-up bag, face spray, washable make-up removal pads, dentifrices and a tampon bag. So you always stay fresh when you go from one appointment to the next.

Emma has it all in her pocket

Beauty products and snacks

The former “Harry Potter” actress also likes to carry sweets with her. For example, Nutella and bang shower, as she then demonstrates directly. Emma is very sustainable in everyday life – she even has her own glass straw with her for drinks on the go.

Since Emma seems to be a little frostbite, she always has a hot water bottle with her. As she explains, she has the bottle filled on the plane and then feels right at home with it.

But she doesn’t just have beauty products and nibbles with her – for her own safety, the 29-year-old carries a whistle on her bunch of keys.

Emma keeps a diary

With so many things that the Hollywood star experiences during the day, single lady Emma also keeps a small diary. In it she writes down her experiences and notes five things a day for which she is grateful. A great idea!

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