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Lizzo and Cardi B: New song “Rumors” released together


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Lizzo is back! The award-winning singer combines her powerful voice on the brand new song release “Rumors” with the unmistakable rap of superstar Cardi B. All information about the song, lyrics and music video is now available from us.

Photo: Jora Frantzis / Warner Music

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Lizzo took the world by storm. Her platinum album, which has been streamed over 5 billion times and has won multiple Grammy Awards, brought mega hits like “Juice” or “Jerome” emerged. Even older songs like “Good as Hell”, “Truth Hurts” and “Boys” went viral in 2019 like no other, with TIME Magazine and Entertainment Weekly even taking the American “Entertainer Of The Year” choose.

The reason for Lizzo’s unbelievable success is not only her enormous stage presence and rousing powerhouse voice, but above all her message. The singer mediates with her always direct lyrics and energetic soundsthat self-confidence should not depend on social acceptance. Also in their new release “Rumors” it is no different.

Lizzo and Cardi B released their top collaboration on August 13, 2021 | Song info

At the 13 August 2021 published the world star together with none other than rap giant Cardi B one of the collaborations of the year. The pop track “Rumors” addresses haters, sexism and body shaming and celebrates being woman and being black: “I am body goals, yeah. This shit from my soul, yeah. Black people made rock n roll, yeah. “

The music video for the power single also shows the two superstars in a top-class setting. They rap and sing as Greek goddesses together with their background singers on Mount Olympus and show not only character and musical strength, but also parts of their own history. This is how Lizzo sings next to a vase depicting a woman tied with ropes – presumably Lizzo herself: “They hated on me since school yeah / I never thought I was cool yeah / Now me and Cardi we cool yeah.”

Lizzo: Start of a New Era of Music | Announcement on social media

Already on August 1st, the singer teased with one mysterious social media post their upcoming release. “Don’t even like this post cus you REALLY gon like my post tomorrow” was the caption that would be preserved the next day.

At the August 2nd the time had finally come: with the Announcement their new song “Rumors” officially began Lizzo’s new era. Just a few days ago, Lizzo again announced great news and announced by Facetime call that the international rap great Cardi B would also be part of the party. It is not yet clear whether “Rumors” will premiere live on a new tour. Our tip: Sign up now for our Lizzo newsletter to never miss tour news again!

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