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Günther Klum: Why Leni has a “special position” in his life

Günther Klum
“Leni has a special position”

Leni Klum

Leni Klum

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In an Instagram video, Günther Klum shares private details about his relationship with granddaughter Leni Klum. He reveals why he has “more points of contact” with her than with his other three grandchildren.

September 12, 2021 was a big day in the modeling career of Leni Klum, 17. At “About You Fashion Week” the teenage girl presented her first own fashion collection – for which she was celebrated on the catwalk. She is slowly fledging, because at the major event, Mama Heidi Klum, 48, was not at her side for the first time. The GNTM model mom is currently in front of the camera for the 16th season of the US edition of “Das Supertalent”.

Only Bill Kaulitz, 32, the twin brother of Heidi’s husband Tom Kaulitz, supported her. The rest of the Klum family were also absent. Grandpa Günther Klum, 76, explains, among other things, the reason for his absence in an Instagram video.

Günther Klum: Leni has a “special position” in his life

Papa Klum, as he is affectionately known, rarely gives interviews. He made one of his few exceptions on Instagram – and just interviewed himself! In a four-minute video, he explains right at the beginning why he didn’t go to his granddaughter’s first fashion show: “Of course we wanted [er und seine Frau Erna Klum] fly to Berlin to see the show live on site. But our contact person said that no guests are welcome because of Corona. “

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Then it gets a little more private, because the model father explains what he particularly likes about his Leni: “She’s always straight ahead and I hope she got that from me.” He also reveals why he has a special relationship with his granddaughter: “Leni has a little special position in that she speaks good German, unfortunately the other children don’t. This of course means that there are more points of contact with her, because my English is yes not particularly, if not bad. And that of course gives us a lot of points that connect us. “

Günther on Leni’s modeling career: “I hope it doesn’t go too fast”

She modeled for Dolce & Gabbana in Venice or alongside Hollywood star Julia Roberts, 53, for the jewelry label Chopard: Leni’s career is picking up speed. However, one looks in vain for Günther Klum’s euphoria in the Instagram video. The owner of the model agency “ONEeins fab Management” reacts somewhat cautiously to the success of his granddaughter: “I hope that it doesn’t go too fast with these experiences that she is having at the moment. She is still so young.”

Bill Kaulitz and Leni Klum

But he also indicates that Leni has “very good advisors”. What, in his opinion, would still be missing from her career? A “logo”! He’s already working on that and at the end says with a grin that it will contain the name Leni, not “mouse cat” – the cute nickname he likes to use for his granddaughter.

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