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Eva Green: I’m too shy

Eva Green
I am too shy

Eva Green

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Hollywood grace Eva Green often mimes tough women on the big screen – why can’t she be just as confident in her private life

Eva Green, 34, wishes she could “Head off!” say when people annoy them.

The French actress (“The Dreamers”) is happy about her great career because it allows her to embody a wide variety of characters. This is especially a challenge because the Hollywood woman is rather shy in her private life. “I’m not confident in real life,” she confessed to the British “Hello!” Magazine. “I am drawn to playing characters who are not like me because sometimes they are the people I wish I would be. When someone annoys you, you can say,” Head off! “”

Eva’s mother – Marlène Jobert (73, “He came out of the rain”) – was a successful actress, although she said goodbye to the glamorous job in her 40s. The French hated being judged for their looks and wanted to live a simpler life away from the cameras. But of course her choice of job had an impact on her daughter, who initially did not want to become an actress. She was too afraid of the comparisons people would make between her and her mother. “I’ve always loved acting, but I kept it a secret for a long time because I thought people might think I just wanted to get famous like my mother. I felt like I didn’t have the right to do it Then I saw Isabelle Adjani in “The Story of Adèle H.” and fell so much in love with her work that I had to try. I still love Adjani – she is so extreme and strong. She is one to me great inspiration, “enthused Eva Green.


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