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Ehezoff with Amal? “She doesn’t like that at all”

George Clooney: New shoot with Ben Affleck

George Clooney is currently standing with Ben Affleck in Beverly Hills for the film “The Tender Bar” in front of the camera – and his wife Amal should not at all please!

It was a struggle for George to even convince Amal that he was going back to work. She has become extremely used to the fact that in the last few months he has always been at home and taken care of everything,

reveals a friend of the Hollywood star. Because while George cut, cleaned and cooked the hair of the twins Ella and Alexander, Amal continued to work as a human rights lawyer. “He kept her back free and she was able to concentrate fully on herself and her job. She doesn’t like that George no longer wants to play househusband.”

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Amal Clooney: Insider unpacks! “She gives him hell”

And that the 59-year-old also shoots with Ben Affleck is also a part of his wife eyesore, is it[calledAfterallhenevermissedapartyandhasrelapsedinthepastdespiteseveralstaysintherehabclinicAndGeorgewasoncetoo real party animal. He enjoyed flirting, drinking, and going through the nights.

That he is now licking blood again and his regained freedom could enjoy too much – for Amal this is obviously an absolute one Horror performance. The buddy knows: “If George comes home late after the shoot, she’ll give him hell.” Sounds like he has every reasonto stay away a little longer.

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