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After a doctor’s visit: Hugh Jackman is free from skin cancer again!

Hugh Jackman (51) takes a heavy load off his shoulders! In November 2013, the actor was badly diagnosed with skin cancer. Since then, he has undergone regular surgeries to remove the malignant changes from his skin. Immediately after the last medical examination, the “The Greatest Showman” actor surprised his community with a message that couldn’t be better: He beat skin cancer!

“I just had my quarterly check-up,” shared Hugh his followers recently in a video via Instagram with. The routine check that was carried out on him did not take longer than five seconds, but gave him an enormous certainty. “I’m totally fine”, reported the 51-year-old with a satisfied smile. Around seven years ago, the most common form of skin cancer, a so-called Basel cell carcinoma, was removed from the nasal region for the first time.

In the clip, the Hollywood star called on his fans to have themselves checked regularly for the skin disease: “This is a reminder to do the investigation”, directed Hugh his words directly to the followers to encourage them.

Hugh Jackman in February 2020

Instagram / thehughjackman

Hugh Jackman in February 2020
Hugh Jackman in September 2019
Hugh Jackman in September 2019

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