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That’s how toxic Amber Heard was to Johnny Depp – Love

The mechanisms of toxic relationships can be seen very well in the prominent examples of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Two years ago, in the course of her divorce from “Pirates of the Caribbean” cast, Johnny Depp accused him of beating her. He sued her for libel. That meant a low point for his career. He then lost the role in the next “Curse of the Karbik” part. Amber Heard’s career has meanwhile reached a new high. She got the lead role in “Aquaman” alongside Jason Momoa.

Since then she has traveled the world giving lectures on women’s rights and feminism. She embodied the role of the victim well.

Amber Heard admits to having hit Johnny Depp

A few weeks ago, however, the truth, which had long been speculated by fan sites, came to light when sound recordings of conversations between Depp and Heard were published, as reported by “Heute”. That made it clear: everything was reversed.

“I didn’t punch you, just hit you.”

The first audio recording is a conversation the two had a few months before their divorce. In it, she speaks of the fact that she sometimes gets so angry that she loses control, she doesn’t want to hit him, but she can’t hold back. However, she asserts that she wants to change.

On the other hand, she keeps pointing out that Depp is constantly fleeing situations – when Heard gets violent.

She also admits that she threw pans and pots at her husband at the time. The spatial separation, for Depp the only logical solution for security until the calm after the storm, would not have been acceptable for Heard. That’s why she couldn’t have allowed him to do it.

Depp remains rational and diplomatic throughout the conversation: “I left last night because I couldn’t stand the thought of more violence we’d be doing to each other. Had we continued it would have ended up badly. Honey, I did I’ve told you that before, I’m terrified that we’re the scene of a crime “. The reconciliation after the conversation is short-lived.

In a second recording, Heard makes fun of the fact that Depp wouldn’t believe anyone because her role as a victim would be more realistic.

There had already been signs of his innocence earlier. Documents from the news correspondence between the two of them leaked to the public during the trial. This also includes a conversation with Heard’s father, who, despite the allegations against Depp, takes his side.

A petition that now has over 200,000 signatures wants Heard to be withdrawn from “Aquaman 2”.

Violence against men is often kept secret

The story of the two stars not only tells a love story from the dramatic inventory of an overprivileged Hollywood world, in which nothing is completely normal and nothing as it seems. It also symbolizes toxic relationships of all kinds, in which one or both partners become violent and manipulative and an unhealthy dynamic develops. It raises an injustice: Although men just as often find themselves in violent situations within partnerships, the perception of such situations is one-sided. The role of the victim is still more attributed to women. In such a case, this can have fatal consequences.

These are red flags of a toxic relationship

Not all violence (only or from the outset) has to be physical. Humiliation, a power relationship that is not on the same level, conversations that always lead to manipulation, lies, accusations, ruthlessness and constant devaluation can all be signs of a toxic relationship. Uncontrolled, irrational jealousy is also a signal. Toxic relationships can make you sick and can cost you energy and strength. Escape is often a long process.

To be too good to be true

It usually looks different at the beginning. Then it can happen that one is inundated with gestures of love and flattery. This phase is also called “Love Bombing”. A dependency shows when you are always busy trying to please your partner and endure the aggressions, outbursts of anger, insults and lies because a change of nature has taken place in you.

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