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Sofía Vergara: I believe in love

Sofia Vergara
I believe in love

Sofia Vergara

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Series beauty Sofía Vergara can well imagine getting married again in the future

Sofía Vergara, 42, is already thinking that she could step in front of the altar again. After all, she still believes in love.

The TV actress (“Modern Family”) is currently with the Hollywood hottie Joe Manganiello (37, “Magic Mike”) and the two seem deeply in love.

In 1993 Sofía’s first marriage ended and after this long hiatus, the curvy beauty could well imagine giving it another chance.

“Yes of course, [würde ich noch mal heiraten]”, she said to” Extra “.” I mean, I believe in love. I believe in getting happy. I got married 24 years ago, so it would be great fun if it happened again. “

In general, the native Colombian has a positive outlook on life. She knows how precious life is, after all, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. Fortunately, Sofía defeated the disease, but the experience left a lasting mark on her.

Today she works for organizations that want to help children with serious illnesses. The mother of one son feels deeply compassionate for those who, as patients or relatives, are confronted with a terminal illness. “It is important [, dass ich mich einsetze,]because I’m a mother myself and had cancer myself. That changed the way I see this disease a lot … You realize that you are actually nothing. One day you are healthy, but if that goes away, even if you have money and fame, if you are not healthy, it is all worthless, “said Sofía Vergara.




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