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New social platform: Onlyfans’ recipe for success

NFacebook, Instagram and, in the meantime, Tiktok, too, leave little room for new social networks. Onlyfans has nevertheless made a name for itself – not least because of its financially promising basic idea: For little money, users can view exclusive content such as photos and videos from the influencers and thus become part of their “only fans”. Often suggestive, always exclusively for those who pay for such content differently than on Instagram and Co.

Now the platform, which was founded in 2016, is now announcing that 500,000 new users are registering every day. This is also noticeable with the so-called creators – those who make the exclusive content available for their fans on the site. The company pays them $ 200 million a month, according to founder and boss Tim Stokely. Overall, the company expects sales of two billion dollars for 2020.

The platform now has 85 million users and one million creators. Compared to the 24 million users that Onlyfans still had in March, according to “Spiegel”, this is considerable growth. Stokely explains this, among other things, with the personal contact on the platform: “Onlyfans is revolutionizing the relationship between creators and fans,” he told the Bloomberg news agency. For many users, it is primarily about intimacy and closeness to the creators who post about fashion, fitness, make-up or show suggestive photos and videos of themselves.

Many women praise the platform for the fact that, as creators, they themselves have control over their content – because they set the prices, the amount and type of photos and videos individually. In particular, spicy content that can be quickly blocked on Instagram and Facebook and, above all, not monetized, is correspondingly popular with Onlyfans. According to the company, they keep 80 percent of the income, and 20 percent go to the company.

The potential of only fans has not only been discovered by women who earn their money with sexy pictures or videos. Stars like actress Bella Thorne are now also using the payment model as creators by producing exclusive material for their fans – and thus bringing it closer to the general public. Rapper Cardi B publishes additional material from her shootings or making-ofs of the music videos on the platform, while singer Beyoncé rapped together with Megan Thee Stallion in “Savage Remix” on the network. Since then you can see the growth of the company even more, says boss Stokely.

Next, the London-based company plans to expand into Latin America and Asia. According to Bloomberg, Stokely is also planning to offer its own streaming channel – for example for small series or interviews with the platform’s familiar faces.

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